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Sober Living

An integral part of our philosophy here at White Sands is utilizing additional recovery tools after someone completes his or her inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation program. One of these recovery tools is transitioning the individual from rehab to a sober living home.

Over many years, we have witnessed countless people in recovery be more successful in maintaining their sobriety when they join a sober living community. In the world of addiction, you may be more familiar with the term “halfway house,” but in many respects the terms “sober living home” and “halfway house” are interchangeable – they both represent a transition opportunity for an addict.

What Exactly is a Sober Living Home?

It’s a safe place for an addict to continue his or her alcohol or drug rehab recovery process. Rather than being thrust back into society immediately upon completion of a program, a sober living home allows for a transition period to occur. Those residing in a sober living community typically have the advantage of numerous treatment center benefits and also a degree of living independently.

The mission behind a sober living home is to house the individual in a safe place where he or she will be surrounded by peers on a similar journey. Friendships are often formed and there is a communal mindset to support and encourage one another in refraining from alcohol and drug use.

Have you or a loved one recently completed a rehabilitation program and are interested in staying at the White Sands sober living community? Let our sober living homes provide you with the assistance you need to prepare you to move forward.

Residing in a Sober Living Home – What to Expect?

Imagine being surrounded by men and/or women similar to you who are also in the midst of the recovery process. Your housemates know firsthand the pain, frustration and loss that can come along with addiction. Support, encouragement and understanding are available to you whether you are having a tough day or just need a friend to talk to. This and so much more is accessible to you when you live in a sober living community.

Being continually surrounded by others who “get it” is also a great way to enhance your self-esteem and motivate you to remain sober. And, as you get to know one another’s individual addiction story, bonds will form and you can be there to lift each other up. In addition, all members of the sober living home become familiar with each other’s personality and struggles, thus offering the chance to hold one another accountable if damaging behaviors begin to occur.

What are the Rules of a Sober Living Community?

Certain rules are expected to be followed when you transition into a sober living home. For starters, no alcohol or drugs are allowed. The purpose of the home is to offer those in recovery a safe place where he or she does not have to be surrounded by these substances. Violence of any manner is also not tolerated, and patients living in a sober living home should expect random drug and alcohol tests.

Another important aspect of a sober living community is the fact that in most cases, everyone is expected to participate and contribute to the home in some manner, whether this is through chores, cooking, etc.

While there may be new rules for a person to become accustomed to, these policies are set in place to help keep addicts on track while also allowing them a certain level of freedom. Increasing responsibility also helps one prepare for living in the real world in the near future and away from the security of a rehab or sober living community. To learn more about White Sands Tampa’s sober-living rules, visit our admissions page.

Why is a Sober Living Home a Good Option for You?

If you have recently completed the alcohol or drug rehab recovery process, the rapid conversion from rehab to independent living can be overwhelming and for some people, frightening. Sadly, it can also lead to sudden relapse in some cases, as people return to environments that may have fueled their substance abuse. A sober living community offers you a chance at living independently but in a safe atmosphere where everyone is focused on recovery and sobriety.

In addition, there are countless men and women who have resided at the sober livings homes at White Sands Tampa who state the friendships they formed there helped carry them through the recovery process.

Give yourself the best chance of success against drug and alcohol addiction. Speak to an addiction specialist at White Sands Tampa about all of our detox/rehabilitation programs, plus our sober living community opportunities. Call us today at 1-877-640-7820. Our experienced and compassionate staff is looking forward to helping you.

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