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SMART Recovery

When an addict enters a drug rehab program for recovery from addiction they have just started the life-long journey of sobriety. If an addict stays in a recovery program long enough to gain insight into his or her addiction problems and learns the necessary tools to re-purpose their life, he can remain sober by possessing self-control over any triggers or temptations he may encounter. Addiction recovery is a life-long process towards healing and wholeness that requires the necessary education and recovery tools that empower the patient to resist relapse and succeed in their sobriety. At White Sands Tampa we offer many effective recovery programs including SMART Recovery. This program is an evidence-based approach to recovery that motivates and empowers the addict to take back control of their life.

What is SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery stands for Self Management and Recovery Training. As a patient in a SMART Recovery program you will receive self-empowerment tools, techniques and strategies to help you remain sober and resist relapse. You will learn core strategies for developing self-empowerment, self-reliance, life balance and motivation to help you change from a life of addiction to a life of freedom and good mental and physical health.

SMART Recovery Treatment Program

SMART Recovery addresses and treats all types of abuse and addictions such as drug, alcohol, gambling, sex and prescription drugs. There are four main points to the SMART Recovery treatment program that are:

  • Building and Maintaining Motivation
  • Coping with Urges
  • Managing Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Living a Balanced Life

At White Sands Tampa, we offer SMART Recovery for alcohol and drug rehab. You will receive encouragement and positive reinforcement as you progress along the four points program of recovery. You will also be given practical information and recovery tools that will enable you to self-manage your thoughts and behavior, plus handle triggers, temptations and toxic people in a healthy way.

The SMART Recovery program will empower you and teach you to become self-reliant. You will be encouraged and motivated toward recovering from addiction or abuse, and begin planning a new and better life for your future. In addition, you may attend meetings that offer support, education and provide open forums for discussions.

In SMART Recovery, you will learn different methods for self-directed change. Our program supports research-based, scientifically informed methods of psychological therapies and the use of prescription psychiatric and addiction medications. Our SMART Recovery for alcohol and drug rehab includes treatment for maladaptive behaviors and psychological issues. As you progress along in your recovery journey, your treatment plan will be updated to reinforce what you have learned and to meet your next set of goals.

Here at White Sands Tampa, we recognize that every patient has their own pathway to recovering from addiction. Although SMART Recovery is independent from other addiction programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other spiritually based programs, we do not exclude them as a part of a patient’s recovery journey. Each patient is individually assessed according to their addiction and mental and physical health, and a program is devised uniquely for them. Whatever treatments or therapies are deemed necessary and most effective for the patient, are the ones they will receive. SMART Recovery can be used as an alternative therapy or in conjunction with them.

SMART Recovery recognizes that in most cases addiction is learned dysfunctional behaviors or habits that can be broken, although the program does recognize that some individuals may have a predisposition toward addictive behaviors. Methods and training for recovery from addiction include motivational, behavioral and cognitive approaches. Some of the principles involved include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. The program recognizes that the patient may be in one or more various stages of change, and different approaches are used to treat each stage of change. The stages of change are:

  • Pre-contemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Determination/Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance
  • Graduation/Exit

Relapse can occur and is recognized as a normal part of the change cycle. If relapse does occur, it is used as a learning experience, and the patient is re-directed back to their recovery journey. The SMART Recovery program is supported by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the American Society of Addiction Medication and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

You do not have to remain a victim of addiction, but instead you can recover by learning the methods and techniques of change and empowerment. You can learn how to take control of your life and begin to create a new, healthy future for yourself. If you are interested in the SMART Recovery for alcohol and drug rehab programs, you can contact White Sands Tampa at 1-877-640-7820.

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