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Reasons for Relapse After Addiction Treatment

Addiction has been shown to cause lasting changes in the brain that can be difficult to reverse without intensive therapy and behavior modification. Addictive substances, such as drugs and alcohol, flood the brain with dopamine and provide pleasure that can only be attained again by ingesting more of that particular substance. Over time, the brain needs more and more of the drug to produce the same effect. One of the biggest reasons for relapse is remembering these sensations when an addictive thought pattern or behavior is experienced again. This is called a trigger. By working to change damaging thought patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy, patients can learn how to replace distorted thoughts with positive, rational thoughts that will help them stay sober.

At WhiteSands Tampa Treatment Center in Plant City, Florida, we strongly believe that high-quality aftercare is just as important as a good rehabilitation program in order to have a successful recovery. According to many medical studies, recovering drug addicts and alcoholics are less likely to relapse if they complete an aftercare program and learn about how to recognize and deal with their triggers. Post-rehab treatment is great for patients who are at high risk for relapse, such as those who already have a history of relapsing.

Recognizing Relapse Triggers

During their treatment for addiction, patients will learn about their specific relapse triggers and how to recognize, avoid, and deal with them. A trigger is a person, place, thing, event or feeling that tempts the patient to return to their past behavior. For example, loneliness and depression are common triggers for many drug addicts and alcoholics. Some other common triggers include anxiety, lying, unrealistic expectations about recovery, self-pity, being overconfident, and feeling frustrated about the recovery process. Certain environments or people can also trigger a relapse if they’re strongly associated with substance abuse or drinking.

For most patients, healthy ways to deal with relapse triggers include calling a supportive friend or family member, going for a walk or engaging in other physical activity, praying or meditating, and distraction with positive hobbies. It is also important that patients engage in self-talk to remind themselves why recovery is important to them. At WhiteSands Tampa, patients will work with their doctors and counselors to follow a customized treatment plan and learn how to recognize their triggers and deal with them in a safe, healthy way.

What Makes WhiteSands Tampa Special?

At WhiteSands Tampa, your recovery is of the utmost importance to us. Our private treatment center is an accredited, licensed facility specializing in getting you on the path to sobriety. Our professional staff of board-certified doctors, nurses, and counselors will work closely with you to create the best individualized treatment plan to fit your specific needs. We accommodate most insurance and offer free clinical assessments to all potential patients. All you have to do is fill out the form and one of our counselors will contact you! If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, please give us a call today. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.

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