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Our Treatment Programs at White Sands Tampa

Our treatment programs are designed to prepare you or your loved one for your own unique journey towards recovery from drugs and alcohol. We strive to provide you with the necessary tools, insight, and support that you’ll need to achieve not only a life of sobriety, but a life of happiness, healthiness, and fulfillment that you deserve.

We believe in maximizing the addict’s treatment plan to ensure that the plan is not only effective and in-depth, but is one that the individual is comfortable with and capable of completing correctly.

Drug or alcohol dependency and addiction can be life-threatening. The physical side effects of drug abuse combined with its impact on an individual’s life, such as their ability to keep a job, stay in school, or maintain relationships with family and friends, can be significant.

With drug addiction treatment methods including short-term detox programs, residential rehab, dual diagnosis, and individual or group counselling, there are many possibilities for someone looking to turn their life around. Our treatment programs reflect accurately upon the belief that it is possible to succeed after many failures. You should never give up on yourself, and we will never give up on you.

Our Approach to Recovery

Each individual at White Sands Tampa receives a psychiatric evaluation upon admission. Once the individual is stable, they are then scheduled for a follow-up evaluation by one of our highly knowledgeable and trained physiatrists, whilst the addict is already involved in both the detox and inpatient rehab programs.

At White Sands Tampa, our treatment programs share the key elements in providing individualized, comprehensive, and compassionate care for any and all underlying psychiatric disorders that the addict may suffer from. This is why we place so much merit on our dual diagnosis treatment methods given how common this aspect contributes to one’s addiction or addictive tendencies.

Our aim is to help guide you through your journey towards recovery via our treatment programs. We’re here to provide the tools, knowledge, and support that you need to help you undertake a successful substance abuse treatment and avoid the likelihood of relapse.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, speak to us about our treatment programs today at 1-877-640-7820.

Inpatient Rehab in Tampa Florida

Inpatient Rehab

Our inpatient rehab center is ideal for those who have finished the detox process, as well offer full rehabilitation of the body, mind, and soul. We provide a variety of treatment programs and therapies that can help you to maintain sobriety, become cognizant of relapse triggers, and create an aftercare plan for continued success.

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Medical Drug Detox in Tampa Florida width=

Medical Detox

Our medical team will conduct an analysis of your addiction, plus your mental, physical, and emotional state to determine the best treatment plan to fit your unique needs. They also oversee the detox process through 24/7 monitoring and administering medication to treat withdrawal symptoms comfortably, safely, and pain-free.

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Residential Rehab in Tampa Florida width=

Residential Rehab

Our residential rehab offers a beautiful, safe, and comfortable place where you can feel secure and protected from the negative social influences and toxicity that enabled past destructive behaviors. We provide around-the-clock care directed towards ensuring that you have a smooth and confident transition back into regular society.

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Relapse Prevention in Tampa Florida width=

Relapse Prevention

Our relapse prevention plans offer successful tips and methods on how to cope with a life of sobriety. By utilizing unique and tailored coping mechanisms and identifying specific relapse triggers, you will feel confident in knowing that you can life a live of fulfillment and happiness without the use of drugs or alcohol.

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Sober Living in Tampa Florida width=

Sober Living

Our sober-living facilities are beautiful, safe places for you to continue your recovery process, allowing for a transition opportunity to occur. Surrounded by men and women whom are also in the realm of their recovery, you are then able to foster relationships, trust, and encouragement from your fellow sober-living housemates.

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Alternative Programs in Tampa Florida width=

Alternative Programs

Our alternative programs and holistic approaches encourage healing of the body, mind, and spirit through art therapy, yoga, exercise, acupuncture, nutrition, and more. They’re designed to help you to recover effectively in ways that can make you feel even more alive when sober than you ever did when in active addiction.

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