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Our Services

White Sands Tampa is passionate about the services that we provide. By providing quality medical, educational, and medical services to both the addicts and their families, we are reassuring these individuals that we know what we’re doing.


Counseling Services in White Sands Tampa Treatment Center

We have a phenomenal medical detox services team that is dedicated towards making the detox process as safe and comfortable as possible. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous, painful, and highly uncomfortable. We understand how fearful a newly recovering addict is when confronted with the idea of withdrawal.

The medications administered during medical detox help make the symptoms much more manageable, and in some cases, even eradicate them altogether. Our goal is to make the initial recovery process as easy and effective as possible.


Medical Services in White Sands Tampa Treatment Center

Our guidance counselors give addicts the tools necessary to maintain sobriety, as well as families of addicts the advice to support the addict through their journey. Our counseling services are an important aspect in guiding addicts to make the right decisions towards a new life no longer controlled by the disease of addiction.

Our qualified staff helps you or your loved one to feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. We believe in the importance of listening and making you feel understood, while also providing constructive criticism when necessary.

Our guidance counselors give addicts the tools necessary to maintain sobriety, as well as families of addicts the advice to support the addict through their journey. Our counseling services are an important aspect in guiding addicts to make the right decisions towards a new life no longer controlled by the disease of addiction.


Educational Services in White Sands Tampa Treatment Center

Our educational services are paramount to the addict and addict’s family to gather the clearest possible insight as to what to expect before, during, and after the treatment process.

It’s through this education process that the addict and their family can truly heal. By setting the right boundaries with one another and understanding the disease of addiction to its fullest extent, everyone will then be able to accept one another – even through their character defects.

It’s also necessary for everyone to understand how this disease has affected everyone negatively and to practice forgiveness techniques upon making amends to one another.


Different Recommendation Levels – Description and Benefits

  • Medical Detoxification Only.
  • Medical Detoxification + Inpatient Program.
  • Medical Detoxification + Inpatient Program + Sober Living.
  • Inpatient Program Only.
  • Inpatient Program + Sober Living.


Treatment Recommendation Options

1 Medical Detoxification Only – Based on history of use by the patient, medical/allergic exclusions, physical exam, etc.

  1. What is Medical Detoxification?
    1. Medical Detoxification typically lasts 7-15 days.
    2. Your vitals will be monitored every 4 hours to ensure you are being safely and comfortably detoxified.
    3. You will receive an individualized medication taper to aid you in safely detoxing from any addictive substances. These individual tapers will be based upon your specific pattern and history of use; taking into consideration period of time using, types of drugs being used, amounts being used, as well as tolerance to detox medications.
    4. You will meet with a medical provider within 24 hours of admission to have a complete History and Physical. You will also meet with a medical provider daily during this level of care.
    5. You will meet with a therapist or counselor within 24 hours of admission. You will have an individualized treatment plan created within 5 days of admission.
    6. You will meet with a psychiatric provider within 72 hours of admission for a full Psychiatric Evaluation. You will also meet with a psychiatric provider weekly for follow-up evaluations and to monitor progress.
  2. Benefits of Medical Detoxification:
    1. Closely monitored vitals and comfortable non-hospital setting
    2. You will be tapered off of all addictive substances slowly, safely, and comfortably.
    3. You will be continuously monitored for seizure symptoms and comfort to attempt to minimize discomfort.
    4. Convenient for those patients that are restricted from leaving home or state for extended periods of time.

2 6 Week Inpatient Treatment

  1. What is Inpatient Treatment?
    1. Inpatient Treatment typically lasts 4-6 weeks.
    2. You will attend 3 hours of smaller groups per day as well as 3 hours of larger groups. You will also attend 12 step meetings nightly.
    3. You will meet with both a medical provider and a psychiatric provider weekly for follow-up on any chronic conditions.
    4. You will meet with your primary therapist twice per week for individual sessions.
    5. Psychoeducational groups will be offered daily and will include topics such as grief and loss, coping skills, relapse prevention, anger management, codependency, relationships, smart recovery, spirituality, and family dynamics.
    6. Recreational activities will be offered to aid in learning to have fun without addictive substances.
    7. Alternative strategies for pain management will be offered. These include chiropractic care, biofeedback, and yoga.
  2. Benefits of Inpatient Treatment:
    1. Individualized treatment plan to aid you in addressing any underlying issues (anxiety, depression, trauma, other mental health, relationships, etc.)
    2. Will be monitored and supported during initial periods of post-acute withdrawal, which are times of high risk of relapse.
    3. We will work with you to increase sober support and to create a specific relapse prevention plan to aid you in transitioning back into the community.
    4. You will have the opportunity to participate in family therapy and to begin to rebuild relationships damaged by your addiction.
    5. You will be surrounded by others going through similar situations and by a staff who is experienced in working with addiction, many of whom have been through treatment themselves.

3 Sober Living Program

  1. What is Sober Living?
    1. Sober living is living in an environment where you are surrounded by other sober individuals working together to maintain abstinence from mood and mind altering substances.
    2. You will have a set of responsibilities and rules to follow while residing in this level of care. These include curfew, work, and therapeutic expectations.
    3. You will be required to attend recovery meetings (12 step, Smart Recovery, or Celebrate Recovery) daily.
    4. You will be drug tested and breathalyzed randomly.
  2. Benefits of Sober Living Program:
    1. Continued monitoring of sobriety and accountability to house mates.
    2. You will learn to follow a structure and to have consequences and rewards based on behavior.
    3. You will be around other individuals in recovery working to rebuild the damage of their addiction.
    4. You will have a “safe place” to return to that is free of alcohol or other substances.
    5. You will receive assistance in managing money and improving employment opportunities.


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