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Our Mission

At White Sands Tampa, we understand how difficult this time may be for you or your loved one. We empathize with the fear, confusion, and discomfort that can come along with entering a rehab center away from the life that you’ve grown so accustomed to. Change is a scary thing, but the right change may also be life-saving. Our mission is to show you or your loved one that your life does not have to be defined by the disease of addiction.

We strive to ensure that you develop a stronger sense of self, foster healthy relationships, and practice successful coping skills to help to prevent future relapses.

When you have finished your treatment at White Sands, you will acquire a newfound sense of self-worth and a rejuvenated mindset. You will take the knowledge, experience, and tools that we’ve provided to you so that you can be confident in not only believing that you have the ability to maintain life-long sobriety, but truly knowing that you do.

Our Treatment Programs

Our programs are designed for each individual based on their unique needs. We accomplish these customized treatment programs after the individual undergoes their in-depth assessment upon arrival at White Sands Tampa.

At White Sands Tampa, you will be in the safest, most competent, and compassionate hands. We wish to provide you with the most cost-effective, but highest-quality treatment that will help you or your loved one to achieve their sobriety goals and follow their dreams towards a successful future.

Our team of medical and clinical staff are on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to monitor any changes or arising physical or psychological needs that the patient may have.

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