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When the time comes to choose the best option for your addiction rehabilitation, there are several different routes that you can take. While 12-step programs have some benefits, for many, a non-12-step rehab is a much better choice. With a non-12-step approach, you can get customized treatment based on the therapies that will be best for your unique situation, not a cookie-cutter approach focused on support group meetings.

Taking Control of Your Future

The 12-step approach to addiction recovery is well-known, but when it comes to providing the tools you need for a successful recovery, it can often fall short. In non-12-step recovery programs like those at WhiteSands Tampa Treatment Center, you’ll learn to take responsibility for your actions, but you’ll also get to the root of your addiction and learn coping skills that can help replace negative behaviors once you leave rehab. Non-12-step programs are also good for those who prefer not to rely on spirituality, as many 12-step programs focus on belief in a higher power and the ability of that power to guide your recovery. In non-12-step recovery programs, you can take a more practical approach, learning to work through your problems with drugs or alcohol and gaining strategies to help you move forward without them.

Medically-Assisted Detox

A 12-step program doesn’t really have a set plan in place to help with the detox process. The goal is to just stop using drugs or alcohol. But this is much easier said than done. In non-12-step programs, you can get the help you need to detox successfully. For many, this means using board-certified medical specialists to oversee the process, in some cases even using medications as a way to manage the withdrawal symptoms. A medically-assisted detox could be life-saving, as it removes the substance from the body and the immediate risk that it presents to the physical and mental well-being of the individual in a safe, controlled way.

Dual-Diagnosis Care

Another benefit of non-12-step rehab is that you can get effective treatment if you have a dual-diagnosis. Why is it that people are drawn to substance abuse? What first sent a patient looking for a way to escape? Many times, mental disorders coexist with addiction, and in order to make a successful recovery, addicts need to look at these other disorders and make sure that they are also addressed. A dual-diagnosis approach like that of WhiteSands Tampa can help you overcome bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety and address the role they play in your struggle with addiction.


The centerpiece of 12-step programs is support groups: People meet at certain times in order to share their progress, get support, and celebrate their success. But this isn’t the only way to get the necessary support to overcome addiction. In rehab, non-12-step facilities bring together highly qualified counselors to meet with patients one on one. Here, specific issues can be discussed and trained professionals are able to provide assistance to those who are struggling. Private counseling ensures that an addict gets the personalized attention they need.

At the same time, group therapy is an option for those going through rehab. It helps when these sessions are led by qualified individuals who know what it takes to keep this type of environment inviting, safe, and beneficial to everyone. It requires education and experience to be able to navigate this terrain with individuals who are all struggling with some type of substance abuse. Sometimes, it isn’t enough that everyone just shares how they feel. Instead, these group sessions focus on setting goals and finding out what it will take to achieve them.

At WhiteSands Tampa, we believe that it takes a customized program at an accredited facility to bring you a positive outcome, not just attending 12-step meetings. We strive to bring together the top medical professionals in the industry along with the latest programs and services to get you clean and sober. Find out if this is the right environment for you by filling out the form here or calling us today for a free clinical assessment.

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