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Inpatient Drug Rehab

Have you already completed an inpatient medical detox process and are ready to move forward into an inpatient rehab program? If so, White Sands might be right for you. Our inpatient drug rehab center is ideal for those who have finished the inpatient detox process as well as anyone whom detox was considered nonessential. We offer a variety of treatment programs and therapies that can help you maintain sobriety, become cognizant of relapse triggers, and create an aftercare plan for continued success.

Why should you consider inpatient drug rehab at White Sands Tampa?

Research shows that detox alone, without additional substance abuse treatment, can leave an individual at high risk for returning to drug or alcohol addiction. In fact, The National Institute on Drug Abuse only considers detox the first stage of treatment. After detox, additional long-term rehabilitation is recommended and may involve a combination of psychological counseling, medication, and alternative therapies.

At White Sands, we understand that some patients may feel intimidated and fearful about entering into an inpatient drug rehab. To combat this, we strive to maintain a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Our medical personnel and staff members are committed to providing you with emotional and physical support while you receive treatment. In addition, you will be surrounded by peers who are experiencing a similar journey at our inpatient addiction rehab center.

What can White Sands Tampa inpatient drug rehab offer you?

The inpatient substance abuse treatment programs at White Sands offer you full rehabilitation that focuses on your mind, body and spirit. It isn’t uncommon for patients who complete the detox process to still battle with psychological and medical issues. During intake, you will have a complete medical and psychological evaluation so our staff members and physicians can create a customized treatment plan that is personalized to your needs. Medical issues, co-occurring disorders, medications, etc. will be continually monitored and/or treated.

In some instances, specific medications may be used to help those being treated for substance addiction in order to achieve stability in both the body and mind. These medications may also reduce any cravings, assist with other withdrawal symptoms, and help some patients respond better to additional forms of therapy.

At White Sands Tampa, we also have extensive experience in psychological treatment plans that can help someone who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. Treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, one-on-one and group counseling, plus alternative therapies can help you learn the skills you need to deal with stressful life situations in the future. These skills, in addition to relapse prevention techniques, will provide you with the highest chance of success to maintain sobriety moving forward. Loved ones are also a crucial part of therapy at White Sands’ inpatient rehab program. Our family therapy sessions can help educate loved ones about the complexities of addiction, and can guide everyone involved in taking steps to mend broken relationships.

What are the goals of inpatient drug rehab?

White Sands maintains a standard of goals for each patient who enters our inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. These include:

1 Customizing a specific treatment plan for each patient in order to meet his or her medical, psychological and spiritual needs.
2 Educate patients on various coping mechanisms in order to foster sobriety and stabilization of the mind and body.
3 Inform each patient on various relapse prevention techniques.
4 Offer strategies that can help a patient deal with depression, pain and anger, etc.
5 Determine if medication, psychological counseling or a combination of both will be used for each patient.
6 Continually assess patients and modify treatment plans as needs change.
7 Help patient build a solid aftercare treatment plan to help maintain sobriety when moving forward.

What to expect after inpatient drug rehab at White Sands Tampa?

As an individual becomes closer to finishing his or her inpatient rehab program, the staff at White Sands will create a plan that will help in the transition to independent living. First the patient is assessed, and if progressing well, he or she will determine if a sober living community or other living arrangement is the best choice. Support groups and 12-Step programs in his or her area will be identified and can help during the transition period. While the individual will experience a more independent living situation, he or she is still continually monitored.

It is during this time the person begins to engage in work, family interactions, social engagements, returning to school, etc. Support groups and 12-Step programs will offer ongoing support and encouragement, as well as the opportunity to form friendships with others who have walked a similar journey.

If you or someone you love is seeking an inpatient drug rehab program, contact the team at White Sands Tampa today at 1-877-640-7820. Every conversation is confidential and our staff members are available at any time to answer your questions. Imagine life free from alcohol and drug addiction – it’s possible with the help of White Sands Tampa.



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