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WhiteSands Tampa Treatment Center is an inclusive community that welcomes patients of all religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. As part of our alternative treatment options, we offer those with a strong Christian faith the opportunity to benefit from drug rehab programs. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol and looking at Christian rehab centers as a possible treatment option, we can help.

At WhiteSands Tampa, we understand that faith can play a vital part in long-term recovery and would like to help you succeed in any way possible. Many rehabilitation programs incorporate belief in a higher power, some Christian programs may take it a step further and explore how passages from the Bible can be used on your spiritual journey while battling addiction. Individualized Christian rehab programs emphasize faith and forgiveness as cornerstones for sobriety.

Characteristics of Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Typical programs at Christian rehab centers may use a templated approach to addiction recovery, but at WhiteSands Tampa, we offer customized, high-quality treatment options that may incorporate faith as a tool for a successful recovery, should you choose. Each patient at WhiteSands Tampa is given a clinical assessment, and then a personalized treatment plan is created based on their physical and psychological needs.

After being admitted to our state-of-the-art facility, patients may undergo a safe, medically-monitored detox process, an important aspect of treatment. Our top-notch psychiatrists work closely with each patient to ensure their overall safety and comfort during this period. After detox, patients may choose to begin their customized program that emphasizes Christian principles.

As with other Christian drug rehab centers, you’ll be able to benefit from group therapy with a variety of people, some of whom may share a faith, while also incorporating those with many different belief systems. In addition to group and one-on-one therapy, we also offer many patient education resources to help you understand the nature of your addiction and how to overcome it. We will discuss how a Christian faith may help strengthen your resolve to stay sober and help you overcome the obstacles you are likely to face after completing rehab.

Joining Our Community

When you get help at WhiteSands Tampa, you’ll enjoy the benefits of drug and alcohol rehab centers and get high-quality, individualized care. Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, our Plant City location is the perfect place to relax and connect with nature. At our private, fully accredited center, we aim to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

If you or someone you love is ready to break free of addiction, please give us a call at any time. Our warm and friendly staff is standing by to answer any questions you have about faith-based programs.

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