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Admissions Process

White Sands Tampa has created an informative guide regarding the admissions process in helping to coordinate the individual’s treatment plan. This includes:

  • What to bring (living essentials)
  • What NOT to bring (contraband list)
  • Family visits (Sundays after 3 weeks if preapproved by therapists)
  • Telephone access (daily access in common areas)
  • TV access (TV’s in each bedroom – accessible during certain hours of the day)

We understand what you’re going through.

At White Sands Tampa, we recognize and understand the incredibly vulnerable and fearful state that you or your loved one may be in when initially walking through our doors. Our staff are both well-trained and dedicated towards helping you to your distresses through the entire process. The comfortable, welcoming, and beautiful environment at White Sands Tampa helps to make your or your loved one’s recovery as effective and enjoyable as possible.

All too often, addicts are discouraged by many failed attempts at staying clean and sober. They may say, “I’ll only stay clean for maybe a month or two, so why even try?” Failing in a first, second, or even twentieth attempt is not an indicator of an addict’s worth and should not be a reason to allow oneself to be defeated. An addict is not defined by the failure, but by their strength to get back on that horse once they’ve fallen off.

Withdrawal is no joke.

At White Sands Tampa, many of us understand this impact on a more personal note, as we are either recovering addicts ourselves or have been directly impacted by the disease through family members or friends who have struggled with addiction. Because of this, we have a deep connection to addicts and want to do everything in our power to help them to achieve recovery.

We understand that the discomfort associated with withdrawal (being dope-sick) can be severe. With many of our staff being recovering addicts as well, we can relate to even just the mere thought of being dope-sick as the scariest, most dreadful thought that an addict can have. We’re sure that in many cases, just the thought of going through withdrawal has prevented you or your loved one from ever seeking help.

Our experienced and compassionate team of medical physicians and addiction recovery specialists use modern drug detox methods with state-of-the-art medical equipment. When the individual is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, we make it a priority to alleviate all discomfort associated with the withdrawal while prescribing the necessary medications that ease this potentially dangerous process.

By easing the individual’s physical suffering, we can then continue an established trust and rapport with the addict that will last all throughout their stay at White Sands Tampa.

By easing the individual’s physical suffering, we can then continue an established trust and rapport with the addict that will last all throughout their stay at White Sands Tampa.
You can visit the White Sands FAQ Page for answers to any of your questions regarding addiction rehab and recovery, or just call White Sands Tampa at 1-877-640-7820 any time with your questions or concerns.

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