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It can be a real challenge to get substance abusers to commit to rehab. Some don’t want to admit that there is a problem. Others don’t want to commit to the time it takes to get through a rehabilitation program. But 28-day rehab programs offer real benefits in a short amount of time, enticing even some of those who are opposed to the idea of getting help. If you’re short on time but you want to make a change, call WhiteSands Tampa Treatment Center today.

Why Only 28 Days?

Sometimes, convincing a person to check into rehab can be just as challenging as living with an addict. There are a million reasons why a person may say that they just can’t make it to a drug treatment facility. Many times, the excuses have to do with the amount of time they will need to spend away from family, friends, and other commitments. But a 28-day drug rehab program can be appealing because it offers a quick option for those who want to get sober. In reality, there is a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time, and the experience isn’t easy. However, the promise of a short stay tends to encourage those who may not have otherwise considered getting help.

Can Treatment Be Effective in a Short Amount of Time?

Several components are necessary for successful treatment. A person must recognize that they have a problem and detox from the substance they are struggling with. From there, they must go through a rehabilitation process that is customized to their needs. Once that is complete, the best way to avoid a relapse is abstinence. A 28-day inpatient treatment program featuring all of these parts of the puzzle can be highly effective. Despite having a shorter amount of time than other options, the same services are offered, usually in a more intense environment.

In a drug abuse treatment outcome study, a large percentage of participants remained drug- or alcohol-free one year after experiencing short-term rehabilitation. Around one fourth of the group received follow-up treatment. Short-term rehab, including a 28-day inpatient treatment program, can be an ideal option for those looking to break free from a drug or alcohol addiction quickly and efficiently.

What Happens After Treatment?

At the conclusion of a 28-day drug rehab program, you can head back home to be with your family and resume your life. It is a good idea to not only create a support system but also to continue private counseling to prevent a relapse. If you feel like you still need some assistance, WhiteSands Tampa Treatment Center offers several sober living environments to choose from. Here, you can get a fresh start while being able to continue to take steps toward recovery in a drug- and alcohol free-living arrangement.

Don’t underestimate what can be accomplished in 28-day rehab programs. Fill out the form here to get a free clinical assessment that can help us create a personalized plan to get you back on track in less than a month. Then, we can work with you to set up outpatient care to keep you moving in the right direction. No matter where you are in your journey toward a life free from substance abuse, we can help.

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