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Tampa Detox Centers: Finding the Best Tampa Detox Center for Your Recovery

If you have never personally been in a drug detox, it can be sort of intimidating to start the journey to sobriety. However, Tampa drug rehab centers play a crucial role in the detox process, cleansing the body of the substances abused as well as mitigating the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting any drug. That being said, while Tampa detox centers are some of the best in the nation, a little apprehension before admission to any of the centers for drug rehab Tampa has to offer is perfectly normal. You’re about to take the first step into a major life change. One that will reshape you for the better! In fact, generally speaking, nervousness and apprehension before admission to a Tampa drug rehab center is usually caused by a lack of knowledge about the detox and treatment process.

In this article, we are going to take a look at Tampa detox centers, what happens in them, and how it can help you change your life for the better.

Tampa Detox Centers: Intake and Initial Treatment Plan

Like most education and medical programs, Tampa drug rehab programs begin with a basic intake process. After making the decision to enroll in the Tampa detox center of your choice, and after working out any payment options if applicable, intake generally begins with a one-on-one meeting with a psychologist, therapist, or medical professional. The purpose of this meeting is for the treatment center to get a handle on where you are in your addiction, and what precautions, initial treatments, and what risks may be associated with your detox.

You see, many drugs have intense, discomforting, or potentially fatal side effects associated with withdrawal. While medically supervised detox programs can help keep patients safe and comfortable through regulated treatment processes and occasional use of medication, it’s important that they understand how long you used and other key points of information. Some common questions to hear during your initial intake meeting are:

  • What substances did you use during your addiction?
  • How long have you been using this substance(s)?
  • What doses did you generally use throughout your addiction?
  • When was the last time you used?

Your answers to these questions will help determine what happens in drug rehab during your detox phase, they will also help determine the answer to another common question: how long is drug detox? Generally speaking though, drug detoxes will last seven to thirty days depending on the intensity of the addiction and the length of abuse. However, depending on the treatment program, drug detox can overlap with inpatient treatment, meaning there will not be a perfectly clear end point to detox.

The Centers for Drug Rehab Tampa Offers: Programs, Classes, and Treatment Options

Near the end of the detox process, or possibly even after the detox process, you will probably find yourself in another one-on-one interview. This time, however, the interview is a little more personal, and it is usually with the counselor you will be working with for the remainder of inpatient treatment. The purpose of this meeting is to determine your treatment plan and your overall goals and focuses during treatment. While this seems obvious, I mean everyone is at rehab to get sober, there is more to it than may appear at the surface. Here are some examples of the many focuses that can be determined during these interviews:

  • What are your current coping mechanisms?
  • Are any of the coping mechanisms healthy?
  • What coping mechanisms may be more effective and more coherent with a life of sobriety?
  • What triggers need to be acknowledged and worked on?
  • What physical changes should be made to make sobriety more likely?
  • What mental hurdles need to be acknowledged and worked on?
  • What forms of treatment will be more effective in accomplishing these tasks?

While these points of focus can be a lot to take in, the simplified version is this: what happens in Tampa drug rehab centers is determined by what YOU need from the centers for drug rehab Tampa offers. The overall focus of treatment centers, be-it inpatient or outpatient, is to create effective relapse prevention plans through treatment methods like one-on-one therapy, group therapy, life-skill classes, coping skill education classes, trigger and cravings education classes, and other activities.

Tampa Drug Rehab: Treatment Success Depends On You

While recovery can be a painstaking process of changing habits and mental processes that have become ingrained in the very core of your being, it can be a successful and highly rewarding process. If you look at some of the government run studies on the success of rehab, one of the first things you will notice, aside from results resembling those of chronically ill patients, is the fact that the vast majority of relapses happen when addicts are preparing for treatment and when they are fresh out of treatment. While there are a number of factors in these results, such as initial withdrawals and post-acute-withdrawal symptoms, this also goes to show how drug detox works.

Tampa detox works by working with the patient, and by the patient working with the detox center. If you do not want to obtain and maintain sobriety, then no amount of treatment will ever help you recover. Treatment centers are a powerful tool that can have a profound impact on the lives of its patients, but similarly to how long drug detox is and what happens in drug rehab, depend on each particular patient, how drug detox works depends on how willing the patient is to change.


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