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How Long Does Drug Detox Take? A Brief Discussion.

Addiction is a very personal subject. Some feel ashamed and do not like to discuss it. It is important to realize, however, that addiction is a chronic disease that requires the proper care. Not every person will require the same exact type of care because everything varies by the individual. If you are wondering, “how long does drug detox take?” Well, that depends on the individual. Contact White Sands Tampa today at (877) 640-7820 for more guidance.

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Sixty percent of drug dependence is attributable to an individual’s genetic makeup. Think about that for a minute. If drug addiction or alcoholism runs in your family, you should be especially aware of the fact that you are predisposed to addiction. Do not feel defeated if you have tried to become sober before and it did not work. It is not your fault.

The length of time required for a person to detox from drugs hinges on a couple of things; how long the person has been abusing and how much the person has been abusing. Detoxification is the period in which a drug addict stops taking the substance of choice in an effort to rid the body of the toxins. This is the first phase of treatment; however, treatment historically begins with rehab.

How long does drug detox take? This question also depends on the type of substance one has been abusing. Different drugs have different withdrawal symptoms and different time-frames for clearing out of your body. Addiction is a brain disease – because of this, your brain has to adjust when you stop taking drugs. This is what causes symptoms of withdrawal.

Effects of Alcohol on the Teenage Body

In the United States, underage imbibing is a severe public health issue. While alcohol is a legal substance in this country, one must be aged twenty-one or older to purchase and consume it. As with any other type of substances, kids get their hands on it. The effects of alcohol on the teenage body are undeniable.

According the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 4,358 people under age 21 die each year due to an alcohol related accident. Being a kid is not easy. It is a time where the body is changing and hormones are surging. Peer pressure is a big deal for most kids and they end up drinking or participating in other activities they otherwise would not.

How Does Alcohol Affect Emotional Development?

Substance abuse can retard emotional growth. Children and teenagers are still growing and so you can imagine what sort of damage can be done to growing brain that is constantly being shot with alcohol or drugs. One study at Indiana University states that those who drink heavily early-on in life are far more likely to have issues in their adulthood.

Those who begin drinking in adolescence have a higher instance of physical health problems, relationship issues, and educational (or occupational) issues. Certain factors, however, may make the child more or less inclined to abuse drugs; personality, dysfunction in their home, and/or mental health issues.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused by a pregnant mother drinking while pregnant. How does alcohol affect emotional development? Children born from mothers who are heavy drinkers exhibit growth retardation, behavioral issues and cognitive issues. At birth, the face has visible and noticeable anomalies – short eyelid openings, thin upper lip, and/or a flat midface.

Alcohol is a dangerous substance and should not be consumed by people with developing brains. While they may not be considering the long-term effects of their habit, it is almost certain they will suffer from some sort of adverse effects later on – whether it be physical or mental.

If you think your child (or a kid you care about) is drinking – please try to help them. If you are still wondering, “how long does drug detox take?”, contact White Sands Tampa for more information. The professional and courteous staff are waiting to answer your questions and help in any way they can.





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