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For Anyone Who Has Asked, “What is Drug Detox Like?”, Read more and Find Out!

One of the most overwhelming things for an addict to imagine is how different life will be without using drugs. Drug addiction creates a different way of life, so after living that way for so long, the thought of adopting a new lifestyle can be intimidating. “What is drug detox like?” and “Will I be able to handle drug detox?” are often asked. Drug detox center Tampa believes that anyone with the desire to make positive life changes has the strength to experience the detox process, with the help of dedicated and professional support.

Entering a Drug Detox Program: The Process

Upon admission to a drug detox program, an initial evaluation is set up with a psychologist, drug addiction counselor, or other medical professionals. At this time, questions regarding substance abuse history, habits, addiction, drugs of choice, etc. are taken into consideration. Questions about other underlying psychological disorders will be addressed at this time as well to develop the best treatment plan possible for each person.

Drug detox depends on which substance has been abused and the length of time it has been used. For intense cases, detox could take as long as 30 days. In less severe cases, drug detox could last as little as seven days. If you are someone who struggles with the fear of detox and is avoiding rehab because of this, know that there are many people out there that are who share the same fear. By searching for “drug detox centers near me” or “detox Tampa”, you could inform yourself on the process and contact a drug treatment specialist to ease your worries.

Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s no surprise that when you stop using a substance that you had been constantly abusing, it will affect you physically and emotionally. Some substances cause harsher physical withdrawal symptoms than others. Since everyone reacts differently, it may not be as helpful to you as you would think f you ask someone, “What is drug detox like?”

Common physical symptoms of general drug withdrawal include: nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, diarrhea, tremors, sweating, irritability, muscle pain, and more. In cases of severe drug abuse, rapid heart rate, blood pressure issues, hallucinations, seizures, and even death can occur.  Because of these severe health risks during detox, trying to go through detox alone or without help of a drug detox center is greatly discouraged.

At drug detox center Tampa, medication may be prescribed to patients during this time to help with comfort and tolerance during this process (at the medical professional’s discretion).

Learning How to Cope

Emotional withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, aggression, and severe depression occur during detox as well. The addiction counselors at detox Tampa use one-on-one interviewing and evaluation to assess each patient’s situation and form a plan of care.

Individual therapy and group therapy are utilized to strengthen skills like coping with your condition, controlling cravings, avoiding potentially harmful situations and triggers, and addiction education. These tools will provide patients at a detox center with the skills necessary to follow through with a healthy and successful recovery.

For anyone considering making a life change to sobriety, it is important to remember that the experience will vary, regardless of how many times you ask, “What is drug detox like?”

Where to Find Help

Because getting clean is a process, patients require follow-up therapy once the detox process is over. The addiction counselors at detox Tampa will not only guide you towards a life of sobriety, but they will instill the tools necessary to maintain it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with making this life change and have no idea where to start, do not be afraid to ask family or friends to help find drug detox centers near me. Involve others in the process of your treatment, because as you’ll come to realize, building support groups during this time is important.

For more information on drug detox programs or treatment options, please call a White Sands Tampa representative today.

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